• I am happy to consider hourly or daily rates or flat fees, based on a mutual understanding of the work involved.
  • I will issue invoices upon completion, or at stages of the project as agreed by both of us.
  • You must pay invoices in full by BACS transfer within 30 days of receipt (bank details provided on invoice).


  • I back up old work files to a separate hard drive. I keep these files for a number of years. If you would prefer me to delete files when I have finished working on them, I will comply with this.
  • I will not share client details or work with any third party without written permission.
  • I keep contact details for clients in my email program, which is accessed via a password-protected computer and used only by me.
  • If you would like to know what contact details I hold for you, or you would like me to remove you from my contacts, please ask.
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